Aqua Azul builds on expertise that reaches back into the formative days of UV purification in the late 1960's, as well as knowledge amassed through experience with the industry's leading UV system providers. They leverage this background to design products that deliver high performance with exceptional longevity and minimum maintenance. When you choose Aqua Azul, you not only get technology you can rely on, you also gain direct access to a U.S. based team of UV disinfection and filtration specialists.

Aqua Azul Corporation offers the most advanced ultraviolet Disinfection system product line to date. The NSF Certified Hydros UV system product line is designed to give our customers assurance of the safety of their drinking water. The Hydros water treatment system was tested and certified by NSF to meet the NSF Standard. The NSF Standard certifies that the materials, products, and systems have been tested. The NFC Standard assesses the health effects of contaminants that may be contributing to drinking water from the materials in the treatment and distribution equipment.

Aqua Azul municipal wastewater disinfection products have been designed to be simple to operate and maintain. Some of our UV systems include an automatic mechanical wiping system. The wiping cleaning system removes buildup from the quartz sleeves, reduces the need for manual cleaning and ensures maximum UV transmittance (UVT).

Aqua Azul UV systems are designs to not only cost-effective disinfection alternatives but also not have the potential to create or release carcinogenic by-products into the environment. In addition, UV is an effective disinfectant for chlorine-resistant protozoa like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Our UV disinfection systems have undergone field-testing and third-party witnessed bioassay validation testing and EPA approval to ensure the UV system will meet regulatory requirements.

Aqua Azul's Drinking Water Applications


  • Industrial Projects

  • Municipal Drinking Water

  • Campgrounds and trailer parks

  • Highway rest stops

  • Parks and recreational areas

  • Private developments

  • Schools and institutions

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