The All New JCS Industries Inc. Model 4100 EC Liquid Vacuum Chemical Feeder features are:

  • A wide flow range: 0 to 2,000 GPD

  • A Turndown ratio of 100:1

  • High accuracy: +/- 1% of actual feed

  • System Flexibility: four control modes

  • Battery Backup: > 2.5 hours of backup

  • Programmable microprocessor

  • No air binding possible

  • Metering to validate actual flow rate

  • Multiple failure mode alarms

JCS Industries, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a product development company charged with developing an alternative to the current vacuum feed liquid doser technology for a worldwide manufacturer of water and waste treatment equipment. After one year of design and two years of beta testing, JCS developed the Model 4100 Automatic Vacuum Liquid Feeder.

With over ten years and more than 800 installations, from 3 gallons per day to 50,000 gallons per day, in areas as diverse as Duluth, MN and Hilo Hawaii, JCS has perfected, applied for and received US Patents for the all vacuum liquid feeder. JCS can also proudly state that we have the largest all vacuum liquid feeders (up to 60,000 gallons per day). Because of the success of the Liquid Doser, JCS was asked by the same company to develop accessory items and gas feed equipment. This was accomplished when JCS released the Model 4200 gas feeder. With gas systems that are online and feeding from 25 pounds per day up to 8,000 pounds per day, JCS is ready to create and improve on anything that is directly or indirectly related to feeding water and waste treatment chemicals.

JCS also has a wide range of Automatic Shut Off Valves for Cylinders and Containers. These Shut Off Valves can be ordered to be able to REMOTELY OPEN & CLOSE the valves on chlorine and sulfur dioxide ton containers. 

JCS Industries is also the industry leader in Vacuum Regulators, Liquid Vacuum Switchovers, Chemical Dilution Systems, Chemical Injection Mixers, Chlorine Dioxide Generators, Chlorine Residual Analyzers, Hazardous Gas Leak Monitors, Electronic Ton & Cylinder Scales, Automatic Shut Off Valves For Cylinders/Containers.

JCS Industries

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