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The patented JCS Industries Model 4100 Liquid Vacuum Chemical Feeder is for operations that require high efficiency, accuracy, control, and safety. The Model 4100 is a patented technology that will feed numerous aqueous chemicals commonly used in municipal and industrial water treatment systems, i,e, sodium hypochlorite, sodium bisulfate, aluminum sulfate, ammonium sulfate, acids, sodium hydroxide, non-oxidizing biocides, scale and corrosion inhibitors.


The system is comprised of a vacuum injector to safely introduce the liquid into the feed-water stream; a reversing servo motor coupled with a V-notch valve to regulate the chemical feed rate; an electronic flow sensor to monitor and regulate the feed rate; and a control module for complete electronic control and communications.


The JCS Model 4100 Liquid Feeder will automatically regulate in both fixed and variable control modes.

Control Modes:


  • Fixed Feed Rate

  • Flow Paced

  • Residual Control

  • Compound Loop

  • A wide flow range: 0 to 12,000 GPD

  • A Turndown ratio of 100:1

  • High accuracy: +/- 2% of actual feed

  • System Flexibility: four control modes

  • Battery Backup: > 2.5 hours of backup

  • Programmable microprocessor

  • No air binding possible

  • Metering to validate actual flow rate

  • Multiple failure mode alarm

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