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Cellular Lift Station Alarms

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The OmniBeacon installs like your typical alarm light. Attach it to the alarm output of any device and when the output is triggered the light turns on and the siren sounds.The OmniBeacon does not stop there, it’s connected with the local cellular network and OmniSite’s cloud servers to give operators real-time alert notifications via text, email, and voice.


OmniSite improved the traditional alarm light by adding Cellular Telemetry to the circuit. OmniBeacon is applicable everywhere you would want an alarm light and need a reliable monitoring solution that includes data logging and web-based access.

"OmniBeacon costs no more than an ordinary visual alarm light, but does so much more!"
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OmniBeacon Features:

  • Web-Based interface for data logging and reporting.

  • Battery backup gives notifications of power failures.

  • NEMA 4 equivalent rating for direct mounting indoors and outdoors.

  • Complete install and setup in less than an hour.

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