CEC is proud to offer class-leading technology in every product we offer. We hand pick each manufacturer and prefer a consolidated product line to ensure superior knowledge and expertise for the technologies we offer. We stand by our products because we know our manufacturers stand by us. 

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Crane Pumps & Systems

Barnes Submersible Pumps | Barnes Chopper Pumps | Deming Split Case Pumps | Burks Vertical Inline Pumps | Burks Turbine Pumps | Crown Self Priming Pumps | Prosser Dewatering Pumps | Weinman End Suction Pumps

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Screens | Screenings Handling | Grit Solutions | Inlet Work | Biosolids Handling |

Food Waste | Pulp and Paper | Wineries | Slaughterhouse & Rendering Plants


hydroflow pumps, centrifugal pump,vertical turbine pump,submersible pump,dewatering pump
VAF,filtration system,automatic filter,automatic self cleaning filter,cooling tower filter,cyclone sand separator,inline strainer
PPS,Precision Pumping Systems,booster station,pump station,automation,network integration
Reliant Water Technologies,CEC,Lagoon Aeration,Pond Aeration,Water Aeration,Wet Well Aeration,FOG Removal,BOD Removal,DO,dissolved oxygen, Odor Control,Sludge,Bio-Augmentation
Flowline,Radar Level,Transmitter,EchoPulse,CEC,Submersible Transducer,Lift Station,Reservoir,Canal,Flume,California Environmental Controls
Warminster Fiberglass Company,Fiberglass Shelter,One Piece Shelter,CEC,California Environmental Controls
Inland Environmental Resources,CEC,BOD Removal,H2s Removal,dissolved oxygen,DO,Odor Control,Corrosion Control,California Environmental Controls
JCS Industries Inc,Liquid Vacuum Feed,Chemical Feed,Vacuum Meter Pump,Emergency Shut Off Valves
Aqua Azul,CEC,UV Disinfection,ultraviolet light Disinfection,UV Treatment,ultraviolet Disinfection,Ultraviolet Lamp Replacement,California Environmental Controls
OmniSite Logo,OmniBeacon,lift station alarm,SCADA Alarm

California Environmental Controls, Inc.  Whittier, California

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