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Warminster Fiberglass,Fiberglass Shelter,One Piece Shelter,CEC,California Environmental Controls

Warminster Fiberglass Company has been working with Engineers and Municipalities in the Development and Manufacture of Superior Water Treatment Products for over 50 Years.  These products include:


  • Shelters

  • Gates

  • Flumes

  • Consoles

  • Weir Plates & Scum Baffles

  • Algae Control Launder Covers

  • Density Current Baffles

  • Custom Products


Warminster supports the industry by working on committees to standardize fiberglass products to insure receipt of quality products and satisfaction and have promoted the use of corrosion resistant fiberglass products in water treatment across the U.S. in lieu of costly stainless steel, from its infancy to where it is today.


Warminster Fiberglass credentials include the following:

NSF61/ANSI certification of products used in potable water treatment.


  •  PS15-69 manufacturing committee member.

  • AWWA/F101, troughs and launders manufacturing committee member.

  • AWWA/F102 match-die molded weirs and baffles manufacturing committee member.

  • ASTM corrosion resistant committee.

Warminster Fiberglass Company,Fiberglass Shelter,One Piece Shelter,CEC,California Environmental Controls,YouTube

Warminster Fiberglass

The all-weather, maintenance free shelters are corrosion resistant and industrial quality. NO WOOD is used in the construction of our buildings. All buildings are designed to withstand wind loads of 125 mph and snow loads of 30 lb/sq ft.

Uses for Warminster Fiberglass Shelters:

  • Chemical storage

  • Chlorination equipment

  • Guard shacks

  • Fire fighting equipment

  • Generator housings

  • Lift stations

  • Laboratories

  • Microwave stations

  • Navigation aids

  • Maintenance buildings

  • Safety showers

  • Sampler housings

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