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The internet of things has finally found its way to the world of municipal water.  OmniSite’s visual alarm light and cellular transmitter technology will keep wastewater where it needs to be by preventing sewage spills. This will insure that your water supply is never compromised. Connecting an OmiBeacon to a lift station is the easiest way to observe operations and data. OmniSite has given you the smartest and most cost effective piece of mind possible. 


OmniSite has simplified lift station monitoring with ease. The OmniBeacon is installed on your equipment and sends a wireless signal to the local cellular tower. That signal is bounced to OmniSite’s web interface, where customers can log on from any computer to oversee all data all the time. This is 24 hours a day real time monitoring to ensure real life efficiency. 

OmniSites's vision is to continue being global leaders in providing web-to-wireless products, services, and solutions by maintaining a full line of products that transforms the way people manage and distribute information from machinery.


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