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The Pureflow Filtration Div. was founded in 1973 when we designed and sold our first Arsenic, Iron and Manganese removal pressure filtration system to the City of Fillmore, California.  This 1,500 gpm system introduced the Pureflow process that included PM-100 proprietary filter media.  PM-100 is a permanent, highly adsorptive, catalytic media that does not require regeneration (or KMnO4 feed) and offers flow rates up to 15 gpm / sq. ft. of filter media.  We have continued to expand our heavy metal removal processes, and in addition to PM-100, we also provide non-proprietary media (e.g. PM-200, Manganese Dioxide [MnO2]).  PM-200 is a permanent catalytic adsorptive filter media, with a high Manganese content, that will also remove heavy metals such as Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, Chromium 6, Radium / Uranium and Hydrogen Sulfide.  In addition to permanent media systems, we provide Titanium based disposable media systems for the removal of Arsenic from drinking water supplies.

Pureflow Filtration also manufactures water treatment systems for the removal of Fluoride (with PM-500 Activated Alumina media), and Perchlorate (with PM-600 ion exchange resin) from drinking water supplies.  Pureflow Filtration has pressure filter installations in the United States and Canada with flow rates ranging from 25 gpm to 9,000 gpm, and gravity filter installations in Mexico with flow rates ranging from 2,700 gpm to 15,000 gpm.  Pureflow works closely with Municipal / Consulting Engineers, and private water companies, to design and manufacture water treatment processes that meet EPA and State Department of Health Services (DHS) standards.  All Pureflow Filtration media meet NSF / ANSI Standard 61. We perform field pilot testing to verify treatment efficiency, develop pretreatment requirements, operational costs and final design.  Pureflow also offers filter remediation service including replacement media, valves, controls, etc. Pureflow Filtration will form Joint Venture associations with Consulting Engineers and Contractors to provide a qualified team approach to offer Design / Build water treatment plants.

Pureflow Filtration Div. Manufactures Water Treatment Systems For the Removal Of:


  • Arsenic

  • Iron

  • Manganese

  • Fluoride

  • Radium

  • Uranium

  • Perchlorate

  • Chromium-6


Additional Pureflow Services:


  • Remediation Of Existing Filter Systems

  • Filter Media


Pilots Studies

  • Mobile Pilot Filter Laboratory

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