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Inline Grinders / Comminutors / Shredders / Screen Devices

Inline Grinders | Comminutors | Shredders | Screen Devices

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Comminution technology has been advancing rapidly in response to the ever worsening burden of "new sewage" solids have placed on wastewater treatment facilities. G.E.T. Industries' Sewage Grinders, also known as comminutors, are shredding and screening devices are perfect for Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations. G.E.T.'s Grind Hog Grinders are the perfect solution for disintegrating wastewater solids in plant headworks and pump stations.

"New sewage" also known as wastewater solids, such as tampons, sanitary napkins and plastic laden disposables like diapers and other solids are unfortunately becoming commonplace in wastewater. To avoid clogging of pumps, these solids have to be screened or reduced in size. This is where G.E.T. can help.

G.E.T.'s smallest comminutor (130gpm) is fitted with a 6" inlet flange and may be mounted "fixed-in-place" or on a slide rail system for remote removal.  There is no minimum flow requirement for continuous operation.  By-pass screens and controllers compliment the installation to provide uninterrupted service.

The Grind Hog Units can be mounted in the Open Channel Vertical or Horizontal Discharge along with Flange Mounted arrangements. The units can be powered by electric or hydraulic systems. 

​Various retrofit Grind Hog comminutors are available replacing:

  • Chicago Pump

  • Jones and Attwood

  • Worthington

  • Clow Aer-O-Flo

  • Ecodyne

  • Infilco Degremont

  • Hydro-Aerobics

  • Pollution Control, Inc.

Custom retrofits options not listed are also available.

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