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Ozone Water Treatment Systems

With CEC and Primozone, you get at complete partner who can customize an ozone water treatment solution for any viable application. Our ozone generators and ozone water treatment systems are robust and maintenance free.  With our state-of-the-art mobile pilot filter laboratory, CEC and Primozone are capable of conducting complex pilot studies to optimize the perfect solution. We can adapt our solutions to fit yours.

The Primozone Advantage:


High ozone concentration

With the Primozone cold plasma ozone technology it is possible to produce ozone with an ozone concentration of up to 20 wt%. The high concentration is important for the dissolution of the ozone gas in water. The higher the concentration, the higher the efficiency in dissolving the ozone gas in water. Tests of the Primozone GM ozone generator at the Norwegian Institute of Technology measured a 98% dissolution rate.


High ozone concentration means low oxygen consumption

The Primozone GM-series 2.0 ozone generators produce ozone with a concentration of 13,4 wt% which is equivalent of  200g O3/Nm3 (200 grams of ozone per normal cubic meter oxygen) while traditional ozone generators produce ozone with a concentration of 100g O3/Nm3. This means that with a 100% capacity the Primozone ozone generator uses half the amount of oxygen compared to a traditional ozone generator.

Another unique feature with the Primozone ozone generator technology is that the oxygen consumption will vary according to the ozone production. Traditional ozone generators have a constant oxygen flow independent of the amount of ozone produced.

Low oxygen consumption means low energy consumption

One of the key advantages with the Primozone® ozone generator technology is its energy saving capability. A Primozone GM ozone generator can save up to 50% energy compared to a traditional ozone generator. Comparing it also uses less oxygen and will vary the oxygen consumption according to the capacity used.

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