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CEC's Markets Served

Our team at California Environmental Controls will help you find the correct equipment for the right application. Years of experience in multiple markets allows us to provide superior service before, during and after the sale. 

CEC,mining,mining filtration,mining filter,mining pump,mining waste
CEC,Industrial Market,Industrial Pumps,Industrial Filters
  • Sulzer

  • Spirac

  • Pureflow Filtration Div.

  • Pureflow Ozone Div.

  • Aquatech

  • Statiflo

  • Reliant Water Technologies

  • Inland Environmental Resources

  • Flowline

  • VAF Filtration Systems

CEC,food processing,food processing filtration,food processing pump,food processing water filtration,food processing water disinfection
Food Processing
CEC,Markets,Municapal,Municipal Pumps,Municipal wastewater,Municipal water,Municipal Market,California Environmental Controls
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