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Vertical / Submersible Pumps

Vertical Turbine Pumps | Submersible Turbine Pumps

The Sulzer STR Vertical Turbine Pumps are engineered to order and are able to provide valuable reliability during uninterrupted operations. The STR has been designed to hand clear and slightly polluted fluids in water and industrial applications. Sulzer has a wide range of vertical turbine pumps to meet every application.

Sulzer STR Vertical Turbine Pump main benefits:

The STR has a closed impeller design with balanced holes as standard. The pump has open impellers for higher specific speeds. The pump’s bowl and impeller front and rear wear rings are easily removable. These are paired with an oversized integrally mounted bearing housing with axial and radial bearings. The STR comes standard with an above ground discharge head as standard. A discharge elbow below foundation is available upon request. The STR has a shaft sleeve at pump rotor wear parts, rubber radial guide shaft bearing and a line shaft connection with muff coupling. This allows the pump to transmit all the driver torque to the complete pump rotor.

Key characteristics:

Capacities - Up to 22,000 m3/h / 97,000 US gpm

Heads - Up to 200 m / 420 ft

Pressures - Up to 25 bar / 362 psi

Temperatures - Up to 65°C / 149°F

Discharge sizes - Up to DN1400 / 56 inches

Maximum speed of rotation - Up to 1,800 rpm

Sulzer STR Vertical Turbine Pump
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Sulzer Logo, Sulzer SJS Submersible Turbine Pump

The Sulzer SJS submersible turbine pump utilizes a submersible motor to drive the vertical pump stages. The normal vertical turbine lineshaft and bearing are eliminated and power levels to 2 MV (2,700 hp). The Sulzer SJS represents the state of the art in submersible pump design and meets the requirements of the following applications: Seawater lift, Ballast water, Mine dewatering, Cooling water, Offshore firewater. Sulzer has a complete line of submersible turbine pumps to meet your needs.

Sulzer SJS benefits:

The SJS has no lineshaft. This means no lineshaft couplings or lineshaft bearings to maintain. There is also no external cable splices. The power cable connections are only in the motor and terminal box. There is a low, medium and high voltage submersible motor available to 2 MW (2,700 hp). The SJS is paired with a water/glycol friendly motor for improved efficiency. The SJS is available in a variety of materials from cast iron to super duplex stainless steel.

Sulzer SJS Submersible Turbine Pump
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Key characteristics

Capacities - Up to 10,000 m3/h / 44,000 US gpm

Heads - Up to 230m / 750 ft

Pressures - Up to 40 bar / 600 psi

Temperatures - Up to 80o C / 180o F

Discharge sizes - Up to 915mm / 36 inches

Maximum speed of rotation - Up to 3,600 rpm for smaller sizes

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