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In order to maintain aerobic conditions in a force main, the DO level at the start of a force main must often be higher than the saturation DO level in the wet well.  For example, a lift station pumping 500,000 gpd through a 12-inch, 10,000 foot force main with an oxygen uptake rate of 0.08 mg/L/min will require a DO level at the start of the force main of about 56 mg/L in order to maintain aerobic conditions upon discharge.  This is accomplished by aerating under pressure, driving more oxygen into solution than is possible in an open vessel. 

Uses for Gener-Ox:

• Uses FM Pressure to produce DO levels much higher than otherwise possible.
• Aerobic control for 10 + miles of FM conveyance.
• Eliminates Sulfur Reducing Bacteria (SRB’s).
• Prevents formation of sulfides and resulting odor concerns. 
• Prevents sulfuric acid formation and resulting corrosion. 
• Removes anaerobic biomass that can constrict force main flow. 
• Eliminates anaerobic shock loading of WWTP.

Based in Spokane washington, IER is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative environmentally friendly process water and wastewater treatment chemicals and equipment. Speacialing in sodium-free wastewater acid neutralization, which improves solids settling, and sludge volume reduction.

Inland Environmental Resources has developed a proprietary super-oxygenation technology called Gener-Ox, which is designed to convert anaerobic effluent streams to a fully aerobic environment. By converting these problem systems from anaerobic to fully aerobic conditions, anaerobic organisms are unable to survive and simply expire.

The basic function of the Gener-Ox system is to convert the anaerobic biology of a pressurized force main into a strongly aerobic biological environment. This will cause Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB's) which are the principal cause of odors and corrosion in an anaerobic transport environment to encapsulate and quickly expire.

How IER's Gener-Ox™ System Works:

Hydrogen sulfide is naturally generated by Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in an anaerobic environment.  Depending on the chemical nature of the sewer line, a force main can become a sulfate-rich anaerobic environment.  Therefore, the sulfide problem is the result of chemistry and anaerobic microbiology.


The chemical-free Gener-Ox system works on a very simple principle: change the environment, change the biology, change the results.

Most chemical approaches to the sulfide problem attempt to sterilize the force main using either chlorine or other oxidants or strong alkalis.  A newer popular approach is to feed the force main with a nitrate salt which the anaerobes preferentially reduce to odor-free nitrogen.


The Gener-Ox system is the only approach that addresses the root cause of the problem.  Gener-Ox inhibits the formation of hydrogen sulfide in the first place by making the force main aerobic, rendering all anaerobes and sulfate-reducing bacteria inactive or nonexistant.

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