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Odor Control / FOG / BOD / H2s / TSS Removal



The Wet Well Wizard is the only ‘one-size-fits-all’ wet well aeration system that has no moving parts, is completely non-corrosive, is simple to install, and utilizes no electricity underwater. It can be installed in 30 minutes and requires almost no maintenance.


Collection systems containing lift stations usually have buildup of FOG (fats, oils and grease). This usually casues odor in the lift station and down stream. FOG can also lead to increased pump maintinance due to short cycling and clogging. FOG can also cause septicity in the collection system causing H2S corrosion. This may all lead to costly cleaning and maintenance, which often causes reoccurring vacuum disposal.

Reliant Water  is a cost effective and reliable answer to this odor and FOG problem. The Wizard is a unique patent pending aeration tube that is placed into the center of the wet well to aggressively agitate and mix the wet well water. This constant agitation with highly forced air provides oxygen to the water, activating the growth of aerobic microbes in the wastewater, which in turn begin to digest the organic wastes in the water. This continual microbial activity, combined with constant aggressive agitation, not only eliminates the ability of H2S to form, but it also emulsifies all FOG, and will not allow for FOG masses to collect and build in the wells. When this aerated water is pumped downstream in the collection system it replaces all the water in the lines with oxygenated water, thereby eliminating odors from street drains downstream. Even the water in sags, or swags, in the conduit lines downstream of the wet wells or lift stations become aerated and lose their ability to cause noxious odors.

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The Reliant Water Wet Well Wizard is the answer to all of these problems. So, why is it so effective?


  • The injection of cleaved bubbles into the wet well water, breaks up and liquefies FOG and other viscous semi-solids.

  • All microbial activity in the wet well becomes aerobic, so bio-degradation of organic matter, and odors, is continuous.

  • When FOG and trash buildup becomes thick in the wet well, float switches have a tendency to lie on top of, or get trapped below, the FOG and debris. This allows the waste to collect closer to pump intakes and cause premature damage to the pumps. Short cycling and premature pump failure is also common under these conditions.

  • Collection system crews no longer have to spend hours in lift stations cleaning FOG and debris. A simple screen scoop for small floating debris is all that is necessary.



A wastewater treatment plant gives off two end products – relatively clean water and sludge, a collection of untreated solids residue. The latter is a primary problem in almost every wastewater plant in the world. Sludge and organic solids within the wastewater process cause offensive odors and always add major processing costs due to collection, separation, and disposal. Reliant Water Technologies' Sewper Rx  provides a proven, patented product that almost completely eliminates organic solids, thus reducing or eliminating odors and saving major operational and disposal costs for plant management. Proposed treatment schedules are based on the plant’s Average Daily Flow, average BOD load, and the customer’s goals – such as, odor reduction, improving effluent water quality (reduced BOD, reduced ammonia, reduced phosphorus). Usually, there is a Return on Investment by using Sewper Rx, just in hauling and tipping fee savings at the end of the process.

Inland Environmental Resources’ Gener-Ox™ system for odor and corrosion control simply takes advantage of a pressurized environment (such as a force main) to drive high concentrations of a dissolved gas into solution, not unlike the solubility of carbon dioxide within an unopened bottle or can of pop. When the gas of choice is oxygen, the resulting dissolved oxygen in the wastewater becomes the primary oxygen-containing source for bacteria, converting the population from anaerobic to aerobic. This case study describes the benefits that were achieved by replacing the continuous feed of a relatively expensive treatment chemical with IER’s chemical-free Gener-Ox system. The system operates by utilizing Mother Nature’s oxygen supply, rather than having to deliver chemicals throughout a community to treat specific lift stations. Aside from the initial capital costs, the only operational costs associated with the Gener-Ox™ system are the utility costs.

Reliant Water Technologies,CEC,Sewper Rx,Fog Elimination,Wet Well Treatment,Wet Wells,FOG,H2s Removal,California Environmental Controls
Inland Environmental Resources,CEC,BOD,H2s Removal,dissolved oxygen,DO,Odor Control,Corrosion Control,California Environmental Controls
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