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Reliant Water Technologies is a global marketing and manufacturing company that supplies high quality, one-of-a-kind products to the municipal, industrial and private fish/shrimp farming markets.  All of our products are unique, usually patented, answers to common problems found in the treatment of water.

All Reliant Water technologies are designed to provide Returns on Investment through the reductions of energy, maintenance, component replacement costs, and labor efficiencies.  We specialize in waste sludge elimination, sludge hauling cost reduction, reducing energy costs and eliminating lagoon de-sludging costs.

The LAGOON MASTER Sludge Activating Aerator by Reliant Water Technologies mimics a secondary clarifier in a lagoon or pond.  By using moving water to continuously roll along the bottom of the lagoon, the sludge and all bottom sediments, become activated – eventually, completing the digestion of all of the organic matter in the bottom sediments.

Common applications for Reliant Water Technologies  products:


  • Reducing sludge and optimizing wastewater plant processes for enhanced water quality.

  • Removing odor from ponds/lagoons and activated sludge plants.

  • Saving electricity while aerating, reducing sludge and optimizing effluent water quality in wastewater treatment ponds and lagoons.

  • Improving aquaculture harvest production through improving water quality, aeration and waste elimination in ponds, tanks and open water growout pens.

  • Bio-remediation of contaminated soils and water bodies.

  • Dissolved oxygen monitoring and control, especially for harsh applications in wastewater and aquaculture lagoons, ponds and waterways.

The Wet Well Wizard is the only one size fits all wet well aeration system that has no moving parts and is completely non corrosive. The Wet Well WIzard is simple to install, and utilizes no electricity underwater. It can be installed in 30 minutes and requires almost no maintenance.Reliant Water’s  is a cost effective and reliable answer to this odor and FOG problem. The Wizard is a unique patent pending aeration tube that is placed into the center of the wet well to aggressively agitate and mix the wet well water. This constant agitation with highly forced air provides oxygen to the water, activating the growth of aerobic microbes in the wastewater, which in turn begin to digest the organic wastes in the water. This continual microbial activity, combined with constant aggressive agitation, not only eliminates the ability of H2S to form, but it also emulsifies all FOG, and will not allow for FOG masses to collect and build in the wells.

"Unique Solutions for the Water, Wastewater and Aquaculture Industries" - Reliant

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