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VAF & CEC lead the fight against legionella in HVAC

VAF Filtration Systems

Buildings are making people sick and this is something that can be corrected. Due to poor maintenance and cleaning efforts, the water in cooling towers has the ability to serve as the breeding ground for a variety of bacteria. VAF and CEC can help solve these problems.

VAF solutions consist of state-of-the-art, self-cleaning screen filtration technology that can be applied to cooling towers. With basin water kept in perpetual motion, a VAF filter is able to screen out the Legionella habitat of dust particles and debris, including sand, silt, scale particles, rust particles, algae, and chemical residue. This precise filtration discourages the growth of Legionella. A disinfection process is then capable of carrying a residual through the HVAC / cooling tower system which kills and reduces bacterial formation.

VAF's Cooling Tower Filtration Advantages:

  • Maintains heat transfer efficiencies

  • Increases system life

  • Reduces treatment chemical costs

  • Enhances effectiveness of water treatment program

  • Reduces maintenance by minimizing the need for manual cleaning

VAF, HVAC, Cooling Tower FIlter

Centrifugal Separators Are Not Filters

Centrifugal separators will not remove the organics, algae, silts and iron oxide that settles in the cooling tower basin and provide a Legionella habitat. VAF Filters Offer State-of-the-Art Automatic Self-Cleaning Filtration. The patented BHD (Bi-directional Hydrodynamic Drive) improves screen cleaning efficiencies and offers unparalleled quality in comparison to centrifugal separators.

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