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Game Changing Power Reduction For Lagoon Aeration

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Reliant Water Technologies has developed a lagoon and water basin aerator that will outperform the competition, and it will save you money doing so. The Lagoon Master can reduce your power consumption up to 80%.

The Lagoon Master Sludge Activating Aerator by Reliant Water Technologies mimics a secondary clarifier in a lagoon or pond. By using moving water to continuously roll along the bottom of the lagoon, the sludge and all bottom sediments, become activated – eventually, completing the digestion of all of the organic matter in the bottom sediments. This process eventually performs the following:

  • Eliminates the organic solids in the sludge completely through microbial digestion.

  • Provides enough dissolved oxygen to keep the entire microbial population alive and thriving.

  • Oxidizes, through continual vertical mixing, all of the trapped waste gases (nitrogen, ammonia and H2S) in the water column and sludge, thereby cleaning the water.

  • Eliminates all odors in the body of water.

  • Eliminates stratification and seasonal turnover throughout the entire body of water.

  • Reduces the sludge buildup to the point that pond/lagoon dredging is set back indefinitely.

All of this is performed with only one Lagoon Master unit for every 1 to 5 acres (0.5 - 2 hectares) of water surface, depending upon the depth. With only 4 HP (3kW) of energy required per unit, the aeration energy costs can be reduced up to 80%. Maintenance requirements are reduced over 90%.


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