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CEC Partners With OmniSite To Bring You SCADA Alternative Remote Monitoring

Remote Pump Monitoring By OmniSite

The OmniBeacon by OmniSite not only transforms your existing pump stations into a state-of-the-art system, but it saves you money.

Complex SCADA systems are a thing of the past. With less than an hour of work, you can have your lift station and pumps online and remotely monitored from anywhere in the world. The OmniBeacon is easy enough to install yourself. With over 1,300 government utilities and municipal organizations across the US and Canada you can trust that the OmniBeacon will bring you the reliability and service you need.

Understanding and monitoring your pump and lift station's data is critical. The OmniBeacon allows you to store and access your data in real-time. Using the OmniSite GuardDog app on an iOS, Android or Windows device gives you convince and peace of mind that only OmniSite can bring you.

Contact CEC for more information.


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