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KSB's all new AmaDS³ wastewater pump station with solids separation system

KSB AmaDS3, Wastewater Pump Station

California Environmental Controls is proud to announce the new KSB AmaDS³ wastewater pump station with integrated solids separation system that eliminates the 3" spherical free passage requirement for raw sewage pump systems. The AmaDS³ is the perfect solution for difficult low-flow / high-head wastewater applications.

The AmaDS³ combines efficiency with reliable service. Blockage and clogging is prevented by upstream separators which protect the pumps from coarse solids. The AmaDS³ is suited for municipal and industrial wastewater transport and the drainage of hotels, hospitals, campgrounds, etc. In addition to providing reliable operation and energy efficiency, the new AmaDS³ variant is very compact and takes up minimal space.

How does AmaDS³ work?

The advantage of the AmaDS³ system is that the solids contained in the waste water are separated from the fluid in separators. As the wastewater handled by the pump's hydraulic system is mechanically treated, pumps with smaller free passages and high-efficiency hydraulic systems can be used.

KSB AmaDS3, Diagram
KSB AmaDS3, Diagram

KSB AmaDS³ pump station with solids separation system offers the following benefits:

  • Considerable energy savings and operating cost reductions

  • Very low wear rate and risk of clogging

  • Long service life

  • Resistance to raw sewage, because the tank itself and the most important hydraulic components are made of stainless steel

  • High heads and long discharge lines do not pose a problem

  • The pumps and main components of the system are easy to access without getting wet

  • The system can be serviced and repaired while it is in operation

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